Cassiah Project Page

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of all retail products on this website will go to the Cassiah Project and will support its endeavours.

Photosilk Prints and The Cassiah Project goals and commitments are:

- to raise funds for the acquisition of land for wildlife sanctuaries

- to support existing animal reserves and parks

- to fight neglect and cruelty towards animals

- to keep finding new ways to awaken environmental consciousness

This song is titled Tiger and will soon be available here to listen to and to download for a small fee. 100% of this fee will be used to help abolish the use of wild cats' fur.

There’s a tiger in the distance

And she’s crouched behind the trees

Low in the grass,

Barely breathing as we pass,

Nostrils twitching in the breeze

She’s a legendary hunter

Many times as strong as men

Resting she stays,

Till the deer come out to graze

Then the hunter hunts again

You have a choice

to give these animals a voice

and don’t forsake them.

If you’d say in haste,

something else could take their place

you’d be mistaken

From the jungles of Sumatra

To the Himalayan cold,

Tigers will roam,

you should leave them well alone

‘cause there’s a tiger in your soul,

Yeah...There’s a tiger in your soul...

Music and Lyrics by Andy Ryley Copyright 2005