May 2014

The photosilks arrived early this morning. Perfect timing, and WOW, are they beautiful! The cards and cases, and your packaging and presentation, are so professionally done. I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out! It will be so much fun sharing them with potential clients and friends at our booth beginning tomorrow at the HydroVision International conference in Nashville (http://www.hydroevent.com/index.html#showcase_2). The conference is billed as the world's largest hydropower event. I'm already showing them around the office and will be sharing several with our corporate marketing group as well. Everyone is so impressed by the quality of the lens cloth and the printing. Thank you for producing such an excellent product and delivering it on such a tight schedule. I can certainly say Photosilk has my full endorsement for any future orders from our company.

Steve Layman, Ph.D.

April 2013

Michelle - we received these. They are BEAUTIFUL. We are very happy. Thanks so much for your help. We hope to work with you again.

Kathryn Mawer

January 2013

Your service is unmatched!

John Saunders, Marketing

February 2012

Our Board of Directors & myself are very appreciative of your generosity of the photosilks for our past two year Annual Expo.

Starr Camp

September 2012

Michelle, these look great. I hope the guys save at least one for me! Thanks Michelle for the fast turnaround and excellent service.

John Saunders, Marketing

September 2012

We got the photosilk order and everything looks great! I have been having trouble finding a good business card printer and was really impressed with the quality of the card. I was wondering where you had those printed and if I could get their contact info to see about getting more cards printed.

Josh Orintas, Marketing

December 2012

We received our shipment and EVERYONE LOVES them! Wow! What a great presentation. We can hardly wait to hand them out.

Vicki Carley, Area Director of Sales

August 2011

Thanks Michelle for working this out, you are amazing as always :-)

Adam Cagle, Marketing Agency

July 2011

Got the invoice.

Got the product.

They are amazing.... love the packaging for the individuals, our client is VERY happy. It was a real pleasure to work with you on this, you took great care of us all the way through the process and were fantastic at communicating status to us at every turn. I will certainly try and send some more clients your way, and I would imagine we will be ordering more items for Sunset Marquis very shortly.

Adam Cagle, Marketing Agency

December 2011

From the moment I found Photosilks, I was hooked! The photos are wonderful, the craft very well honed, and the results are excellent. When I began purchasing the "Silks" for gifts (and myself!) there were so many choices, it was very difficult to choose. I wanted them all - at least all with the Big Cats.

So, it's no wonder when I was thinking about a promotion for my business, 4-Leggers Healing Touch, I immediately sought out the Photosilk website again. Working with you, Michelle, through the creation process was very easy and from beginning to end was amazingly short. Every aspect of our working relationship was superb: the helpful suggestions, the layout, the production, the communication, and the receipt of the order. In short, the service was exceptional!

Thanks very much for continuing to create a very appealing and unique product. When I need to reorder or work on something else, you will be my first contact!

Beth J Bricker

December 2010

We did indeed receive the Logosilks, right on time, as you promised. We're very pleased - with the product as well as your support and service. We're excited for our clients to receive these as our Holiday Gift and will be packing them in our Holiday Cards next week. The quality of the product is one that our company is proud to be gifting our client's with.

Deborah A. Lucas CEO