Custom Photosilk - Your Images on Microfiber

Put your own artwork on photosilk and create custom microfiber lens cleaning cloth!
It is as easy as one, two, three!
Select the size of your microfiber
Find a nice image you would like to use
Upload the image to our site and we will take care of the rest

Give a gift of custom Photosilk Prints to your family, friends or coworkers and watch them enjoy precious and fun memories while cleaning their glasses or computer screens with our soft microfiber.

After all, it's not just lens cleaner, it's a Photosilk®!

It's art on microfiber...

  • Print your cute new baby
  • Your kitten or your cat
  • Your puppy or your dog
  • Your best friends and loved ones
  • Print for grandma, grandpa, mom and dad on their special days!
  • Print family gatherings, birthdays, anniversaries, and wedding celebrations.
*Note* - to use the image upload feature you will need to upload a .jpg, or similar "web friendly" image whose file-size is no larger than 5MB. If you have a layered .psd, or similar file to be used, you can email the file to and give our office a call at: 888-828-4959 to complete the sale!